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To the Avenue Events and Convention Center

Avenue was established in 2006, and is a family business that combines two generations with over 20 years of experience, we manage and operate the place wholeheartedly, provide service and a personal and caring attitude, with us every couple becomes a family from the very first meeting.

In the most eclectic and unique structure in Israel, you will find everything you need to fulfill any dream: central and accessible location in the center of the country, ample parking, well-kept and meticulous gardens, well-designed and classic banquet halls, excellent local chef cuisine and the world’s most advanced audio-visual technology. Each event for a magical experience with a unique character.

The prefect place for your



Private Event

If you dreamed of holding the unique event in a royal ballroom, a modern dance club, an elegant Victorian lounge or a lush garden – we make your dream come true because on the Avenue anything is possible. The spectacular architecture of the building offers you well-kept gardens and luxurious modular ballrooms, equipped with digital walls for a three-dimensional experience and acoustic partitions for complete division and separation as needed and required.

In the AVENUE  hall > You can host up to 1,200 guests at a sumptuous event.

In the PRIVATE hall you can be thrilled by a luxury boutique event with up to 400 guests.

Looking the best in your


Business event

presents a full and modular format that will address all types of events you choose to hold: social events, conferences, performances, toast, etc …

The structure, the acoustic divisions, the attached kitchen, a team with experience and professionalism, systems And equipment, all of which enable us to provide you with creative solutions, flexibility and diversity for a successful business event.



a culinary experience


Chef's Kitchen

On the kitchen, which combines kosher with international flavors, the trust of experienced chef Samuel Aharonov, known for his colorful and creative style.

A chef’s kitchen that specializes in preparing menus for events of all sizes – from dozens of guests at limited boutique events to thousands of guests at huge events.

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