A Little About Us

Welcome to the Avenue Convention and Events Center

In the most eclectic and unique building in Israel, you will be to find everything required in order to fulfill every dream:

a central and accessible location in central Israel, ample parking, beautiful landscaped gardens, classically designed event halls, excellent local chef kitchen and the world’s most advanced audio visual technology – which makes every event into an enchanting experience with a unique ambience.

Avenue was established in 2006 and it is a family business that integrates two generations with more than 20 years of experience and seniority.
We manage and operate our center wholeheartedly, provide service and personal caring attention and make sure that we are available at your disposition regarding any question or consultation required.

Our vastly experienced team will escort you with creative ideas, important tips and swift solutions in order to ensure that your event is perfect, just the way you planned.

The events at Avenue are carried out in two separate event halls.
Avenue Hall: a majestic and magnificent hall with an impressive entrance and an expansive garden, which provides abundant hosting options in any style, for events comprising up to 1,200 invited guests.

Avenue L: an elegant hall which has been recently renewed, with a classic and refined design for magical boutique events of up to 450 invited guests.

The Design

We design events in all shades and hues: with decades of experience – knowledge, creativity and inspiration. We will design your event according to any style and budget:
from a classic elegant design to the creation of conceptual dream-like worlds, from small boutique events to huge productions.

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The Kitchen

The superior kitchen chef of Avenue provides an unforgettable culinary experience, adding wonderful flavors, colors and scents to every event. The kitchen, which combines kashrut with international flavors, is orchestrated by the experienced Chef Igal Azulay, who is well-known for his colorful and creative style.

Our kitchen specializes in the preparation of menus for events of all sizes – from dozens of invited guests in boutique events and up to thousands of invited guests in huge events. All the courses are prepared on-site, from the freshest most qualitative ingredients. Beside classic courses, you’ll also be able to find surprising, unique and of course delicious compositions.

For every event, we shall suit the menu and the catering service style for you. Glatt Kosher events can be held as well, with a unique menu that must be coordinated in advance.

We invite you to enjoy the wonders created by the private kitchen of Avenue, which complements an event in a luxurious, pampering and mostly – delicious style.

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Bar and Concept

Welcome to the Avenue Convention and Events Center

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