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The Avenue contains 2 different sized areas.
The PRIVATE complex and the AVENUE complex

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The magnificent AVENUE Ballroom covers 1,700 square meters and is designed for celebrations, banquets, weddings and premium social, family and business events with up to 2,500 guests in a theater session and up to 1,200 people in elegant seating around round tables. Adjacent to the hall are joined together into a spacious and elegant complex that offers a wealth of accommodation options in every atmosphere and style.

The planning and design of the hall has invested in-depth thinking that combines extensive knowledge and experience in the events, production and hospitality industry. To give you a three-dimensional experience with plenty of spectacular visual elements, we covered the hall with projection walls that rise to a height of 6 meters and a width of 43 meters in the eastern wall and 43 meters in the northern projection wall. 

The innovative technology in the hall includes state-of-the-art video / audio, lighting and amplification systems that are controlled by a computer and allow you to illuminate and play music in each area of the complex, the main stage, the reception and the garden separately or wrap the entire complex with plenty of lights and sounds.

The modular hall is equipped with acoustic partitions designed for separation and division according to demand and need and with additional furniture and equipment accessories for your use. The massive hall ceiling is equipped with a terrace system designed for the installation of lighting fixtures and engineering fixtures with exceptional weight. In the large display areas you can hold exhibitions, representations and live performances and combine huge stages and extraordinary platforms that will serve the purpose of the event and enhance any experience for a glorious and breathtaking event.

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Quantity Guests : 1200 – 400

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Sometimes you feel like having an exciting event in a private setting. The PRIVATE is a unique hall designed for boutique events with up to 420 guests sitting comfortably around round tables. Along with the adjacent garden and its private foyer you will enjoy a special and different event.

The AVENUE is proud to present with you the new event complex PRIVATE
after a massive renovation and carefully planned architecture with emphasis For a boutique, innovative and clean result, we have reached the destination.

The prestigious hall, which spans 1,000 square meters, has been specially designed to accommodate unique boutique events. Using the electric acoustic partitions, the spaces can be divided according to demand and need and incorporate complementary furniture and equipment accessories from the selection available to you. <. The innovative technology of the sound, lighting and video systems will envelop the hall with sounds and colors that will connect to the sensory experience and style you want to equate to the event.

Together with the ceiling of the hall, which is equipped with a terrace system for installing design elements, they are integrated into a virtual world of a sense of personal closeness.

In a luxurious and high-quality atmosphere of a meticulous boutique event, you can hold a PRIVATE wedding, bar mitzvah, brit, birthday surprise party, reception, lunch / dinner, a selection of selected customers, Business Conference and any boutique event you choose.

Feel free to relish.

Number of guests : 400 – 200

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